Results of the day
1Jim Crossley44.79
2Ian Richards43.83
3Steve Thorp43.29
4Matthew York41.5
5Neil Hardwick40.36
6Antony Todd38.81
7Duncan Adam36.55

Didn't fell overpowered on the Tushingham X-15 5.8m on the speedpro mast, felt smooth once I'd take some to the negative outhauls off.

Need to get fit as knacked.

Nice to see so many peoplesmiley


My best ever results!  smiley

fantastic day at west kirby , cold day but 2 new pbs so who cares 

pb average and pb 500m :)

well stoked 

used the black project fin s22 today for the first time , what an awesome fin ,loads of grip and control and it handled the death chop at the end of the course with ease , like it nice fin :)

The wind was a bit up and down today.  Pleased with the average but would like to improve peek speeds... Got a 500m pb today


Good to get back out at Kirby and see a lot of the lads getting pbs. Arrived a bit late and minced around too much, been a hard week! Disappointing average, but looks like I managed one good run!
Well done Jim and Ian with great speeds, 48.8 today Ian?! wtf! with a 5.0! wtf!! ha smoking..

All new eqipment sesh (not mine), took quite a while to get used to the set up, Mistral 41 and Gasoil is very nice, 5m Evo5 also feels sweet.

Bit dissapointed with the 10secs as I was hitting decent peaks in the corner but not keeping the speed. Think the 5m was just a bit small.

Jimbo was mooing down the chop as usual, Thorpy was getting some nice air as usual and lots were banging out PBs awesome day.


First session at West Kirby, really enjoyed it, shame it wasnt about 15 degs warmer though.. would have liked a better max speeds but at least i got some new PB's so all good. well done to the boys for also getting there PB's too.