Results of the day
1Anders Bringdal50.23
2Hans Kreisel49.51
3Jurjen van der Noord49.32
4Patrick Van Hoof47.72
5Dirk Jan Knol47.62
6Mark Grinnell47.36
7Nick Vardalachos47.23
8Manfred Merle47.18
9Daniel Borgelind46.34
10Boris Vujasinovic45.66
11Anders Bjorkqvist45.47
12Alberto Possati43.97

First day on the canal. Slowly getting used to the conditions, but I need some more time. Quite happy with the results.

sail underpowered most of the times....gusty and shifty ....

I think slowly is quite fast for you Jurjen ... 95 per uur max om te beginnen ... hallo Tokyo ...

Blue Seel !!!!  Stil going strong didn't had the big gust all the way but could do some stable runs and be second fastest today. Hopefully we get a 5,4 day really want to do good speeds now you have to be so lucky to get a good gust and 50 is so freaking close.                                                                                                                                           thanks to all my friends and sponsors:                                                                    , JP-Australia, Neilpryde, Z-fins, Jonkerfunsports Renesse who are helping making this all possible :

First windy day. I have learned so much today. This was the first time on smaller boards than 44cm, and 5,6 sails I only used a few times before. It was super easy to start, new missed on start and very easy to stop too. But I am not happy about the hole in my sail the first transport back, and not happy that I crashed in 45 knots in about 70m before the finish line, it took me 50 m before the spin stopped and the neck is stiff tonight. EN sk klotning, modell jättestor.

Anders BD told me to do another run, but I have to be careful with the neck. The sail felt a bit small today, I can probably take 10 more knots with this sail.

I am very impressed by Anders BD, he flies so smooth and fast!! I have so much to learn..

used both CA SP42 and Mistral 41 today, Loft 5,6 Proto -14 and Gasoil 21 and 20, 8 kg weight.


another day in paradise

Panda lis cross and does not like JP Boards
Panda BOY super star... We wait you at Hennie house to make you a Party !!!!!!!!!! Welldone Champ!!
Panda BOY super star... We wait you at Hennie house to make you a Party !!!!!!!!!! Welldone Champ!!

First real day on the canal.  it was very gusty. In the beginning a hade a few good runs, later i tried some diffrent settings they were not good, the fastest run was on the  MXR and the second fastest was on the Select  Hotrod  assy 18 E . But there was one person on the same fin who was a littel bit faster than mecheeky Nice first day on the canal.


Thanks to Hans "Blue wanabe Steel" My dates on the GPS looks better!! enlightened


I'm beautiful ;-)