Results of the day
1Gautier Bourgeois47.69
2Markus Emanuelsson47.45
3Will Trossell46.1
4Remo Diethelm45.25
5Tony Wynhoven45.19
6Denis Vladimirov44.74
7Montauzou Alain44.66
8Gildas Bechet40.17
9Marcus Richardson33.76
10Alain De Gendt31.42
11Henrick Schill23.51
12Gildas Bechet13.32

This doesn't stop. I set again a new national record. They forecasted less wind so most thought to have a test and fine tune session. For that reason I took the RRD Firewing and added 3 more spacers, see what that would do? But while cueingup, I saw that the wind started to increase rapidly, so I gave away my turn and ran to the container to take an extra 1,25 kg of lead. Jezus!!! during that run I got a gust I could just handle by opening the sail completely, the result is a + 4 kts difference in that run.

so back to the container before my second run and i simply used my spare weightjacket, took another extra 2,5 kg of lead and spread it equaly over the 2 jackets.

I did that run and got hit again by a gust just at the end, but the lead gave me the weight to only have to open the sail partly; result...the piek was less then 0,6 kts difference.

so I went for the third run with ...another 2 kilo of lead extra, but that was such a scary ride because of the rolling chop and the gust that hit me again in the end. This run is filmed with the GoPro on my head. the gust was massive, I was glad to have survivved it and said this is enough.

I was on the same sailsize as the big boy's, and 2 of them ended up being taken away with the ambulance. So no five runs like the other day's to set a good average but i had switched of mentaly and when the conditions got again a bit less problematic at the last part, I didn't feel like going for number 4 and 5 and after all, to have a good average I needede to compensate for the "poor" 42,5 kts i did in that scary run, so no thanks.

I'm again off all alone, so plenty of hot water and relaively faster Internet at the guesthouse.This must probably the first ever national record set on a RRD sail, so Roberto You own me a pizza and pasta!

Possibly the last day of sailing here at Luderitz. The wind started out ok but as it built up it swung too broad, resulting in many crashes and spin outs. 2 guys were hospitalised one with 14 stitches to the face one one a suspected broken arm. Most of us waited till the wind came back to abetter direction and for about an hour it was ok. Considering it takes about an hour per run there wasn't much sailing time. Once again I JUST managed to get 5 runs in for the 5 hrs in the water. That's p[retty much been the average per day for me. Ther is no time to test stuff here ... That HAS to be sorted before arriving to Luderitz.. Got sone reasonable peaks and 10 secs but nothing too extraodinary. Was interesting watching and sailing with Antoine. Yep.. he's good...                  Sailed on KA 2014 Koncept, Mistral 41 Lockwood/KA 20 with 7.5kg lead wieght on. 

Niice day  - stoked to get a 46 average, 48.34 peak and 46 on the 500m on GPS although I think my ratified time is slightly lower. Pushed as hard as I could today but it was really gusty making 500m runs tough again. One run i had a lull at the start and went through the gate at 40 and finished the run at 48! Other runs I would hit 46 peak and then a big lull at the finish and get a 40kt 500m. 

Its been an amazing 2 weeks and one hell of an experience both mentally and physically. There is no other place like this but its very cant just turn up and get fast speeds, however the photos look! I've learnt so much though - great speedsailing

Thanks to Rik for your help and Farrel for your advice and getting the board to me just in time. Thanks to Patrik for advice on the course. Massive thanks to Jonny Lomax for all the training in the run up and agreeing to come on the trip with me and giving huge support and taking awesome photos!

And of course my wife and daughter....cant wait to get back to see them!!

A rough day in the channel whit alot of spinout an crasches I had my fastest wave session ever today with 50.12 in topp nice with a rest day tomorrow

Déja fini ;-(((((

Hi, what a day, even if the wind was not expected to be really strong, we had some nice gust on the channel ! So I spend all my energie by doing a lot of run ! Conditions were difficult with the wind changing a lot..
I did 47.48 video checked and improve a bit my best 10S and 5*10S. Happy and tired !
Thanks to Gaastra, tabou, PC², Gasoil and Chinook

Official national Swiss record.

The water was qutie choppy this day, got my record topspeed but it ended with a crasch in the stopzone........ Hope to be able to sail in a couple of days ...