Results of the day
1Markus Emanuelsson48.81
2Gautier Bourgeois47.44
3Alexander Goncharov47.03
4Boris Vujasinovic46.78
5Remo Diethelm46.63
6Marcus Richardson46.54
7Minos Efstathiadis45.55
8Will Trossell45.45
9Dieter Gerichhausen45.42
10Tony Wynhoven45.34
11Andrew Daff45.02
12Alain De Gendt44.67
13Denis Vladimirov44.46
14Thomas Doeblin44.16
15Ben Vanderick42.02
16Henrick Schill29.84

most likely again my new Belgian record. I don't have the waypoints so I can't say for sure yet  if I did this average 500 on the marked strip or not. So I just need to wait for the video checked file from Fab. I have to limit my number of runs to 5 a day, so I had to quit already a while ago and most  of the other guys are stil out there. seen from out here it is still pretty strong!

the first run was my fastest, I had a gust and a lull in the run, so to be able to cope with the gusts, I took another 1250 grams of lead for run 3 onwards, but that didn't work at all, there was a big hole at the end of the run,  so I released my downhaul a cm and dumped the extra lead, but I kept around the same speeds,

The one time I had a good start, but bad end, the other run the opposite... So 5 runs and finito, I felt pretty happy with the result after all, given the fact I set some new PR's on GPS for sure and the push of my previous record, but during transport back upwind my sail got damaged and that was a bummer!!! especially because I had warned before that this would happen. To See your favorite (record)sail being damaged this way hurts!  

Too bad you have to wait so long (45 min) to make a run...and then perhaps get unlucky with the gust. Hopefully more to come tomorrow.....

More PBs on 10 sec and 500m so very happy! It was a super tough day at Luderitz today though because it was sooo gusty making 500m runs very hard. I opted to go for smaller board so it took me a few runs to get used to it which dented my average time today. Hard work and patience required today to get the gust that lasted all the way down the course.The effort you go to (starts, the run, trailer back, join the queue) means you have to try hard not to get frustrated when you hit a lull on a run. I found one good gust which got me the PB 10 sec but the wind just died in the final 100m of the 500m...When the wind came through this setup felt very fast! Its interesting though on boards this narrow how tiny foot pressure/gusts move you around.  I had some drifts in the canal at over 45kts....kept me on my toes :-)

Good day. Special thanks to Patrick.

Nice days but i was wishing more wind :) and less gusty but still a good day :)

PR on top speed, 10S and 500m


Thanks a lot to pc² tabou gaastra, gasoil and chinook


see you !



For me, today was a day to forget. The wind was forecast to get really strong as usual around 2-3 pm. I waited a bit after the beifing and rigged my 5.4 (the sail I did the pb on) in anticipation. Decided to wait till it started picking up to save some energy and go for the big run. I carried the gear to the start and lined up. When it was my turn i stepped into the water and waited for the green flag. As I was waiting I was hit by a massive gust which pulled the sail straight up then down onto my helmet. It went straight through the sail and destryed the panel above the boom. My favourite and fastest sail was now out of action. After settling down I carried it to the rigging area and de rigged it. Then i rigged the Proto 5.2 Race. It looked awesome and I did a run on it. It felt great but too small. So then I had to de rig it and rig the 5.8. By the time I did all this everyone else had smashed out pb's and had a great time. I did 4 runs on the 5.8 but the best of ithe wind was gone. Just put it down to a bad day I guess but it is frustrating. Tomorrow will be similar but I din't have the 5.4 so I guess I''l see what I can do on the 5.8.....Think I'm still 3rd overall so its not all bad...

Gusty again today but bit stronger. Couldn't get full powered up run to improve on 500m so decided to try for 5x10 average. Came close to 47 but needed one more good run. Unfortunately ran out of wind at the end of the day.

Still the heartbeat is very high after every run ..but slowly getting more used to the channe.. A lot of fun. ! Have to improve the starts. Deeply impressive sailing from Markus E today again....

Personal best as yet

2 day in channel.Feels better and better and the equipment is beautiful    had a crasch in the end of the channel in 49 knots but im ok for tomorrow

I finally managed to post this now the Tribal fin brand is listed. :-)

A very wild ride this day!