Results of the day
1Jim Crossley35.81
2John Kennedy32.76
3Antony Todd32.52
4Lee Spencer32.29
5Pete Davis31.52
6Matthew York31.16
7Neil Hackett31.02
8Zara Davis30.8
9Norman Petty30.05
10Phil Lewin28.83
11Ben Marshall28.58
12Paul Arnold28.44
13Scotty Stallman27.02
14Chris Pankhurst 21.73

had to arrive early , To get back and prepare ,bit of a shame , long haul to Boston , uk thank god by lorry ! ( my new Van , Laugh)

hard work using mega size all day  but very comfortable  , rather hoped for early wind for some small sail new move practice 

Nice day in the rain!  Been almost 2 months since we had wind as strong as today.  Late swinging so some still going as darkness fell!

fairly rubbish today , been on the big kit too long i think got caught naping and a gust catapaulted me on too boom and that was the end of that 

thanks to Tris at OTC for a loaner managed a few more runs

now sulking at home 

Today was a lot slower than I would have liked. Went out too early so was tired by the time the wind really filled in and swung slightly west. I knew I should have gone for a couple of proper alphas, my decent gybes were always after a downwind run. Nice to blow the cobwebs away, lets hope its not so long before the next session!

Was great to see some of the past regulars on the water as well.

Had a lot of fun at portland today! Great to sail with friends.  Feeling the effects of some off the water training  as before I would have got tired sailing for so long.

Sailed the F2 tandom with Simon Cofield that was fun...14m of sail, 185kg of sailor @ 30knots


Great to get some flat water sailing in. Unfortunaly to was SSW which meant not too flat and port tack! I hate PORT TACK! so the speeds are not great but not bad under the circumstances. Learning points I tried to go to small on the boards using the Mistral 78  and the 73 Speed which was too small and I think I would have gone quicker on a 95 or 110 with a 7.0m. But a great day and good to catch up with old friends

Great day at Portland and some well overdue flat water sailing. Definatly out of practice, well done to Jim Crossley fantic speeds and a good learning point to take a bigger baord.


What an awesome day at Portland with regulars and not so regulars out, quite a lot of S in it so it was hard to get results so I went witha combo to give me decent performance the whole day with no need to change anything. I was underpowered at the start and at the was about right but was cream crackered so couldn't really make as much use of the improving conditions as Jim did.


Can't remember this session but my first post - found on my card today!