Results of the day
1Tim Otte38.07
2Tim Otte38.07
3Johan Huitema36.46

Sessie 74: Business as "usual" at Karpathos, speeding was difficult due to wind and many other surfers so I made it a short session just to have some reserves for the coming days.... :-)

The perfect day in Karpathos today !!!

Solid 30 knots of wind, perfect direction, only moderate chop even when sling shotting .....
Board and 6.4 were fully powered and in full control, the 28 fin gave a lot of grip in the downwind
PR for me in almost every category: Max 2 sec, 10 sec run, 5x10, 500m,  250m......
just had to stop a bit to early as my bruised ribs where quite painful.

Anyway Epic day in Paradise!!

Thanks also a lot to Johan , who convinced me to stay on the 6.4 sail - THX !!

repost for GSK 2013

Well done Tim. Congratulations. Would have liked to still be there.