Results of the day
1Daniel Borgelind39.23
2Anders Bjorkqvist39.01
3Johan Huitema37.54
4Alexander Goncharov36.49
5Henrick Schill36.35
6Eric Groot-van Ederen35.94
7Markus Tauber35.91
8Luca Arbouw35.73
9Polyvanov Oleksandr34.69
10Oane Kingma34.68
11Mats Ferner34.1
12Martin Andersson33.18

Wieder ein wunderschöner Surftag hier im Windparadies. Vormittag mehr Wind. Heute den ganzen Tag auf dem FF79 von Chris - danke Chris. Brett gefällt mir gut, schaut nach einem all in one Board für hier für mich aus.morgen wieder ich freu mich schon. Jetzt gehts ab zum Soki auf ein paar leckere Speisen.

grym dag !!! bra kämpat alla !!!!!!!!

Another great day in Paradise. The last but one posting from Karpathos this year.

Great that so many Dutch and Ukrainan guys playing together with us this year.

Well sailed today Daniel, I was close men nära skjuter ingen hare as we say in swedish!


I really start too like Lovemachine 49, easy to start and runs super smooth.

Too bad i sail as crap and cant get any speeds, tried a lot of diffrent runs today and also a lot of different setting but I aint faster than this.

Seams speedsurfing aint my cup of the??

Sessie 66: Al het goede komt langzaam, 70 AVG is a challenge here @ Karpathos!. Luca & Oane gaan als een speer vandaag!

3rd day on the water. Started the day with the 6, the beginning it was too big for me and it costs me my arms...later in the day the wind died a bit and I was able to understand better how to do the runs.

I had the chance to do one proper run with the result of a PR on the 2 seconds !!!!!smiley..display showed me something I was chasing for some time.....cheeky.very happy. Mythos Time!!!

I must say very nice ambiance on the beach with nice fellow speeders.

Luca gefeliciteerd met je 1 sec. time smiley Johan  ik wacht het gewoon af je mag niet terug komen voor dat je die 70 gemiddeld hebt!!wink Ik was zelf vandaag ook weer op het water, feels good to be backcheeky

Dirk jan, prachtig dat je weer op het water bent geweest.  Hartelijke groet van lLuca en Johan!

Another nice day in Karpathos. Sadly I was too late for the best wind. Went out with 6.8 while most had used a 6.3 to compensate for decreasing wind and treied the 26 cm fin. probably overdownhouled my sail because I could not get it to really accelerate, not even with deeper profile over the boom. Fin went fine, big enough to get upwind. 

Had some very good gusts in the morning, but unfortunately the wind did not return after the lunch break, so I'm missing a few good runs. Too bad, but it was nice sailing today. Really starting to like the 6.3!

Svårt att få ut 10 sek.

38,48 knop på topp!