Results of the day
1Antoine Albeau49.64
2Anders Bringdal49.16
3Cedric Bordes48.67
4Farrel O Shea46.27
5Christian Bornemann44.24
6Zara Davis43.82
7Pete Davis25.01

Congratz Antoine !!!

Wow!!!  R E S P E C T! yes

Congratz! New World record!

And tnx for posting on GP3S.

Congratulations Antoine. SUPER

OMG Looks like you had a sick day, big CONGRATULATION!

Congratz, very well done and awesome to post here!

Just need to check NM and RUN 5 which appears to be done on the road... But indeed many thanks for posting this results here. Now we know we are way behind ;-)

so impressive!! you own!!

Une vitesse impressionnante!!!! yes

Vas y Antoine!!!!



You need to work on those gybes ;)

Amazing speeds, congratulations, great to see.

thanks for posting, hopefully encourage everyone to do the same :)


Just did a new world speed record today in Luderitz!

49.41kts with my production NP RS:R EVO 4 5.8 and my RRD custom speedboard.

Good day for me !!!



Thanks to:

RRD / Neilpryde / Quiksilver / Ford Autovital / Sosh Orange / ile de Ré / Groupe Rhinos / Garmin

Increddible speeds. What's more to come? 

Now everything seems to be in placewink

Go for the outright!!!

New German Speedrecord 43,93 kts. at the Lüderitz Speed Challenge

tight and tough battle with Dieter who managed to get the Record in between

really happy and surprised with the results

less wind in the starting box, very narrow and shallow canal, not too much space to slow down...

impressed by the new world records of Zara and Antoine

much space for improvement for the next weeks...

It had to be done! I came all the way to Luderitz and when Farrel lent me his sail and Zara her board i had a couple of runs and it was amazing great spot and considering I hadnt speed sailed since January, I was well happy with the speed.



Fantastic day!

More comments will follow..

What an amazing day! My goal coming here was to break Karin Jaggi's record set in 2005. I wish Karin had been here but it was not to be as she has been an inspiration to me for many years. To do this by 3 knots was beyond my wildest dreams. Thanks for all the messages of support from everyone especially Karin herself - it means so much.

The equipment was so good to ride. Thanks to Chris Lockwood for desiging an amazing board that is so easy to ride and so fast, to Thomas for making the most controllable and fast sail ( I was using only 0.3 smaller than Antione) and to Joerg Sonntag for fins that are made for me and are tracking with such surety that I know I can just point and shoot down the canal.


Great day, Off the rocker times on the board. World records and so on.

Hats of to Antoine, Cedric and Zara. Zara smaching the old record in an out of the park sort of way!!!

I was on my 5,9 sail with my production 42 speed with my Gasoil 21.

All stuff was fantastic, Chris's job with the boards have proven outstansing. Philippe's long night that we spend making the sails have proven to make sense.... at times did not....

All in all,great. Waiting the arrival of Bjorn and Jurian( sorry Jurian if I spell wrong). I have a feeling Luderitz storry is get to come!!

awesome stuff, can't wait to see you guys kill it in 50+knt winds

it's really great to see many posting !  and A2 was the first to post, fantastique !!


Well done every body, fantastic speeds all round:)

well done all, only a shame you don't post youre alphadevil

Great speeds guys, respect to you all!

Zara, you own your place with the "big" guys, congrats! You can slow down now.. wink


Go for the 50 knots average guys!! Never been watching as much as now on this site and facebook EVER!!