Results of the day
1Dirk Jan Knol39.25
2Johan Huitema36.89
3Armin Hoefer36.88
4Armin Hoefer36.88
5Markus Tauber36.36
6Tim Otte35.59
7Peter Hagstrom34.31
8Birgit Hoefer32.3
9udo hänicke28.92
10udo hänicke25

Sessie 74 , eerste echte surfsessie op karpathos. smaakt naar meer!!!!!wink

Very nice session on Karpathos, the fastest times for me on the 89 and that on karpathos. Also a good  alpha. the wind is back i love it!!!smiley

Real wind is back on this island and ODYSSEY of Speed is progressing.

First session with this board/sail/fin combo. It works really fine for me and I was pleased with the controllability and performance. First day on speed board and 39+knots top speed ! More to come .... 

Another nice day in Paradise Bay....

Nice day :)

nice day on speedboard, wind was gusty and a little bit chopy at the end of the course.

incredible how fast dirk is with his 89 falcon, impressive.

all is perfect here in karpathos, another three days left.

Reloaded for German Speed King