Results of the day
1Ian Richards39.84
2Kev Greenslade39.08
3Will Trossell38.95
4Jim Crossley37.99
5Simon Pettifer37.09
6Michael George36.03
7Simon Harris34.63
8Will Giles33.9
9Peter Cutts33.6
10Stephen Giles30.66
Back on the water at last! Great day and lots of fun sailing with everyone. Good to see Kevin, Simon and the guys from Portland. Gusty wind making it hard work to get the best runs. I had one great gust of the day, which scored me one 10 sec over 40. Congrats to Mike for breaking 40kts!
A great day at the Ray and I managed to hit 40 knots for the first time! It was nice to have a few of the Portland Pirates visiting and I think everyone enjoyed their time on the water. Let's hope for more days like this in 2011!

Tech Details: Navi GT-31 V1.4 (B0803T), GPSResults v6.90, Doppler, Cubic Spline.   
Great fun session at the Ray, SW winds meant the best speeds were done on the corner of the 2 courses, not quite fully powered up on 6.2. Nice to see the Portland hit squad made the trip, Will T was flying ( must be fatherhood done him good Lol), Well done to Mike G with first 40max ( 10s average next mike). All in all a good day if not quite perfect conditions, more please! 
First time in Southend!  If you don't mind rigging up on dog shit grass and then walking 3/4 of a mile through mud with your kit...its a great place!  If I can get over the trauma I would love to have another go in more wind.
Good day at the Ray. First time putting a sail > than 6m on the little board. Struggled a little but its good experience. Change of  fin this time though and no  spin out and wipeouts so happy. Don’t have to explain to Mrs H or the boss at work why I look so roughed up! A good turn out today which makes it all more fun too. Well done to both Will T and Mike G for their results!!
A good call to head for Southend today Tricky conditions spent a while trying to work out where best to sail but came good in the end. Good crowd out, with some great speeds and PB's well done to all.

Good day at the Ray - bit unfit - an rusty - could not decide wot kit to take on the long walk out - Kev G told me to take Falcon 80 an 5.8 -good advice - just right for easy session - no PB's but good fun an nice crowd to play with  -- first time on the falcon 80 love it