Results of the day
1Pete Young31.54
2Stephen Corps30.43
3Mark Matthews27.75
4Pete Davis27.42
5Simon Perkins25.74
6Lee Spencer24.15
Wind died as I arrived. No one else out for the first hour, then it got quite busy. Was up and down a lot, with patchy wind - some patches good to get planing and enough to keep going, but sometimes very thin channels of wind and  not quite enough.
End of day sail bit dubious about wind strength, but nice to get out and had some fun.

Wind was not as strong as the forecast but a fun day in the Sunshine
good session tonight going hard for nautical mile speed dropped down to 24 knots .windy again tomorrow so will try again, must start using bigger kit
mad dash after work with camel and swags before dusk.pretty light winds so the camel nearly had to swim back.