Results of the day
1Tim Humphreys42.5
2Tim Humphreys42.31
3Mark Hayford40.58
4Stuart Trunkfield39.13
5Bob Cartridge32.15

Arrived to find the storm gates closed and had to wait for nearly an hour before able to get onto the carpark after a huge high tide.

Quite broad, but quite a good wind for the first half hour.  Gradually got lighter as the afternoon went on and times got slower.

First time using the gasoil asy 20. Much easier than expected,  with some nice results early on.  Looking forward to the next breezy day to see if I can get any more out of it. 

Usual crowd out to play,  plus a visit from Bob Cartridge.  A good afternoon.  ??

Nice short session. We had to wait for the warden to open the barrier gate, missing the best winds. First time on the new AV45, very nice board, easy to start, but I set the foot straps all wrong, to big and in wrong place, will re-position them ready for next time. I felt out of sync with the wind today, the gusts always seemed to happen when I was walking back up the wall:))

Was fun.  

Re uploaded as a .fit file