Results of the day
1Ant Dunn36.47
2Meta Sindos35.04
3Tim Hemer30.88
4Merena Raebel30.62
5Tony Ford28.65

Sailed from the spit, angle was square, fun blasting abit too sketchy to let it go off the wind

S SSE bit flukey
comfortable, more down haul half way looser leach

maybe bigger sail and some weight, cooda wooda etc

nice shorter rvo tho


Lake Goerge 10-25 SE

Distance was the plan and so I headed out on the Mistral 137 & Evo V 8.6 for about 40km and then it picked up.  Went in and changed to the M-1 6.9 and had a few good runs before it dropped out again.  Went back in for the 8.6 for a few runs and in kicked in again.  Distance was out of the question so I put the 6.9 in the SX-S with the HD Weed Speed 29 and went out for a blast.  The water was pretty choppy and I only tried 1 run off the wind behind the big island.  The board stuck in a trough and I nearly went OTB so I decided to call it a day while I was still in one piece and save the speed for the coming weeks and months when the water level drops a bit. All in all it was a fun overnight trip.  Nice to see some old and new faces and talk all things speedsailing.