Results of the day
1Ronnie Jellesma40.7
2Kai Dunn40.37
3Mark Woodley40.13
4Ant Dunn40.1
5Peter Warwick35.5

Legendary day at Lilacs with a royal flush of PB's.



A 4.15am start from Perth to Albany paradise 420kms away. Windy already when I arrived so rigged the 5.8Evo on the Falcon 56. Tried a few 2 sec attempts and saw a 40. A good sign for the day. Decided on a naughty run and saw a 38.31 so went up for another and was happy to see a 38.41. Happy to see there were 3 naughtys over 38kts today. I tried the JP50 thinking a quick 2sec was possible but again the falcon 56 was quicker so then tried a few alphas. Saw a 27.99, then a 28.08. mmm opportunity knocks so I tried coming in a little quicker on the entry, the turn felt smooth straight into the straps and harnass then a nice gust for the exit. Saw a 29.38 thinking that was the last 10 sec. Then thought mmm what was the alpha? To my delight that was the alpha! Stoked! Interesting all the past attempts and practice over the past few yrs are equal to the seeing a number which is just a nice reward for effort. It's always the journey.  Great day with the best blokes all getting pbs with an awsome vibe. Happy to get 3 naughtys over 28kts today too.