Results of the day
1Haijo Switters35.87
2Tristan Tjerks35.15
3Bendix Engemann34.05

Choppy, maar super mooie sessie!

Wat een wind! Super choopy vandaag, dus daarom maar meer Slalom op de PD95 gevaren,

Really difficult to go fast. Water was quite deep, hence there was more chop. 

Also my 6.3 sail was too big in the gusts, but the RB5.0 and Switchblade 5.3 felt not powerful enough. Can't wait to receive my new RacingBlade 5.8!

On the end I had a huge gust in front of a hailstorm with my 6.3. The gust on the end pulled me out of my footstraps but no crash. The next 15 minutes the hailstorm did not even allow me to surf at all, must have been at least 40 knots. 

The Hurricane SpeedSlalom 28 surprised me again. Felt better than the sonntag slpro 27. A bit more lift and stiffer. No nasty surprises. A really nice fin. I like it even more than the SR7 which was my favorite Hurricane till now. 

Haijo, good sailing man! It was a difficult day and you nailed it!