Results of the day
1Simon Pettifer32.04
2Nigel Spriggs31.22
3Garry Connell29.51
4Will Trossell29.17
5Bob Cartridge28.75
6George Fulton28.28
7Danny Cartridge27.01
8Maciej Bukolt26.95
9Mark Palmer26.64
10Iain Neary26.32
11Phil Lewin26
12Arjan Vos25.09
13Iain Neary24.96
14Shane Verrion24.35
15Garry Goodwin23.8
16Steve Thompson20.79

So choppy  

Harbour course today, wind building from 1pm, knarley and choppy good fun tho

Choppy easterly 

Weymouth speed week 


Very choppy, quite a long way upwind to get to the track but it was great fun!