Results of the day
1Marco Lambers40.17
2Marco Lambers40.01
3Armin Hoefer39.53
4Christophe Peyrouse38.45
5Birgit Hoefer33.43

What a wonderful day. Nice to see so many familiar faces.

arrived at the beach at 7am, enjoyed the sunrise and started 30 min later with the iSonic 55. After 1,5 hours the wind dropped so after a break I switched to isonic 63.

The gasoil Dual 28 cm performed amazingly and I was able to made 2 75 runs.

The amount of kiters was impressive, I guess the most disturbing is that they just don't look around before they do any move. 
well, the beach is not just for windsurfers and during the kite break I could make a few good runs 

Motion post will follow later 




Motion post