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1Tony Ford12.23

Sandy Point, Vic, AU

JP Speed 50 64L 5m Koncept 28cm JP Speedfin
Wind 23-25 gust 30-33 WSW

Daffy and Cptn Kato and Ash also present, excellent start, after tide let us in about 12-1230pm Rgh.
BTW Huge deep potholes on the road in, half a meter wide and tyre DEEP. Nooot shallow Joycie!

One leg down the run, walk back, start next run AFTER readjusting outhaul, which then came LOOSE at start of run #2 (14knts and WTH?!)and sail flapped against exposed cleat screw tearing it at boom height of course), huffefd and sh177y so with no spare sail repair kit so PACKED up, yakked over coffee with rest of crew (Who BTW had a great fkn time).


Thought had a good first run (33knts) but hadn't cleared historic memory of GT31, dang.
Other wise, ages to get going with a rough start, got one foot in the straps at 20knts...
Still got a not bad initial run after 6 months lollylaggin round the house.