Results of the day
1Hans Kreisel38.59
2Stefan Brouwers34.75
3Jeroen Jacobs34.04
4Willem van Klink31.99
5Theo Heebing30.89
6Maron Rietveld29.54
7Pepijn Immerzeel27.67
8Theo Haarsma27.32
9Theo Treurniet23.76

The positive thing of this session is that I found the settings of the 7.0 that work for me what resulted in a fast run through the chop. After that run the wind shifted, became rather gusty and was accompanied by rain. It was fun with Leon and sons and the crew from the Valkenburgse Meer.

....lekkere "ochtend"sessie bij mijn favoriete windrichting op de K'bank,,,,,

Nice evening session, hammergusts and short chop, could find some flat sports though. 

Started with 7.0....this was to small first part of the day. Wind was shifting and gusty, pfff hard work. Later the sun showed itself, the wind picked up and became more steady. So the 7.0 was okay now and had more fun.

Couldn't find the real speedbutton today, had 2 okay gusts. Hans was flying as usual with his gear. Amazing speeds!

I could not get any speed today. But still, was good to be on the water.

Unexpected really nice session with Stefan. Started off to north but into the session the wind turned back to west and got a little more stable. Super happy with my 500meter on the 71wide gear was flying. Hour should have been faster wasted to much energy with the north wind was completely drained after 45min.