Results of the day
1Twan Verseput 38.88
2Twan Verseput 37.81
3Marco Lambers37.22
4Wouter van Hilst33.43
5Eric Groot-van Ederen32.4

Second session of the day

Some alpha's for the event :)

Today with the 6.2 

The wind started a bit more calm, however increased in the afternoon.

tomorrow hopefully with the Isonic 63 

fun day with Wouter, Eric and Twan. 

Alpha time today. Twan did a 52 km/h alpha, so the bar was really high! 

Twan gave me some tips and I bettered my PR twice ending with 48.71. Don't know if it were the tips or the really strong winds. It was exciting and very intense with such strong winds. I'll try againg tomorrow I think. 

David and Cornelia were having fun as well as everyone.