Results of the day
1Twan Verseput 41.04
2Eric Groot-van Ederen39.49
3Marco Lambers37.9
4Marco Lambers37.75
5Johan Huitema37.58
6Wouter van Hilst36.03

First session today, nice to see speeds going up slowly

thx Twan for the tips, will see how the next session will be 

Nice day again! Windy all day :)

Using longer harness lines really works! 
nice, much more control. 

tomorrow it will be the day of Wouter with the 115 ????????

First out on the waveboard for some big jumps :)

Later did some filming and then some runs at the end of the day. Felt that the circomstances were fastest when I was out alone but not as fast as Yesterday. Good to see Twan, Johan, Marco and Wouter have fun too :)


Session 17: Second session on Karpathos, strained a finger, so few days os restoring time... :-) Karpathos rules...!