Results of the day
1Kev Greenslade35.18
2Simon Perkins28.58
3Simon Perkins28.31
4Griff Halliwell27.08
5Lee Spencer26.65
6Richard Haynes26.51
Early start today 0700 long break for lunch then back out in afternoon, first time out with talon so far so good. square and gusty hard to get good times.Nice to be out with the boys after the no wind break.
Second run of the day at Portland
1st run was 28 knots and that was the best of the day for me, the wind seemed to drop just enough that I couldn't match it again. Very crowded, there were at least 40 sails on the water when I launched. A little bit too choppy for good speeds I think.
No sun,very crowded, lots of chop,water disappearing big time with low spring tide - but still good to be on the water.

Gt31 log set to ON  instead of ON - FIX DOH! no record. Fore Trex back up used instead.