Results of the day
1Christophe Peyrouse42.79
2Nils Bach41
3Jean-marc Degrelle40.35
4Laurent Paya37.58
5Xavier Pauwels36.2
6Marie-Paule Geldhof35.2
7Fabian Crombeen34.69

thanks Christophe for testing the JP54


display max: 44,48 knots

PB on 10s, 5x10s and 2sec

arrived at noon after a 1500 kms drive...

at first no wind because of some cloudcover, once the sun came out the wind picked up, was a difficult day with quite a few sandbanks on the run and a bit of chop on the course.

Was the first decent try with my new board... I think we will become friends

wind turned up a bit more and the chop decreased for about half an hour, in that time I made all my runs, the best one being the last out... made some heavy slingshots for some nice maxspeeds, the board loves it!!!

so happy to be back here in speed paradise and to break nearly all my PB's on the first day, I am looking forward to the next three days here!

also special thanks to FEINEFINNEN.COM for providing me with the right speedfins to help me in  becoming faster and faster :)

only one good hour,hope better for next two days !