Results of the day
1Vincent Valkenaers45.79
2Dennis De Pauw44.55
3Edwin Harteveld44.48
4Andy Laufer44.28
5Twan Verseput 44.28
6Fabian Blanke43.92
7Dirk Jan Knol43.59
8Damien Nico42.64
9John Kaju42.19
10Johan Huitema42.05
11Carsten Hanke42
12Jean-marc Degrelle41.82
13Raymond Wortel41.68
14Brian Rogild40.8
15Rafal Kapuscinski40.39
16Fred Durozo40.31
17Raphael Thomas39.93
18Valde Viiding39.22
19Nico Nouwen39.04
20Christoph Deus38.68
21Raf Alexander38.66
22Marco Smeele38.59
23Oane Kingma38.52
24Robert Jan Bouws38.2
25Toomas Kasenurm38.16
26Rainer Motloch37.63
27John Schilperoort37.07
28Kasper Thrane36.96
29Rob de Jong36.85
30Mick Born36.04
31Valde Viiding35.8
32Ferry Saber34.94
33Kristel Kaubi30.51


I went on the water with my Speed50, 5,0 and 23 weed Asy fin. I felt a bit insecure at first as I have not been on a speed board for 2 years. Hardly not been on smaller gear than 110 slalom and 7.7 in two years so the speed feeling did not come naturally. After struggling for a couple of hours and being frustrated for not getting any grip in the course with my brand new assy fin I spoke to Markus about it. He asked me about the fin and I said it was assy with the flat side towards the wind. You get it! I had been sailing with a baboard fin in La Franqui! Haha! No wonder I even overtook the champ on the tack back. :) :)

So these speeds are all on the starboard tack with a baboard assy fin. :) :)

I´ll certainly be back for a rematch!

Sessie 12: Na een nachtje rijden met Oane Kingma aangekomen op de veelgeprezen beach La Franqui! De wind zou iets afnemen (volgens de modellen) dus meteen het water op... Ik wilde graag de W44 eens proberen die lag al 7 maanden werkloos te wachten...! Hij deed het goed in combi met de 5.2 en Z 20,5 maar was wel iets underpowered. Mede door de yhaakse wind bleef de 80 run uit. Om vier uursmiddags ging de windkraan dan toch open, alleen miste popeye de broodnodige spinazie!

Ook nog ff getest met ede JP45 die iets beter lag in deze omstandigheden. Toch een mooi eerste dagje met vele speedies!

Edwin gefeliciteerd met je nieuwe record!


flat water, square

Dag naar La Franqui voor de Defi wind. Sinds lange tijd weer op de W49 en het koste wat tijd om eraaan te wennen. Had vandaag niet de ballen om me hard de chop in te laten schieten. Niet de speeds gehaald waarvoor ik kwam maar wel leuk om er wer te surfen met wat leden van speed team Makkum en Lauwersmeer. Gefeliciteerd Fabian met je 500m meter. Super snel !

first speed session since 6 month

Finally a descent speed session again, love this spot ! More comments later.... now time for Defi :)

Le Rouet superflat, angle very square and very gusty winds. Got some good gusts but still looking for "the gust" to join the 50kn peak club from Le Rouet. Lots of fun with a crash at 90 km/h at the end. Left too early but will be back.

lekker dagje, kleine pr op max display 70.94 moet meer in zitten morgen.!

Eerste keer La franqui naar lange tijd, de eerste runs waren niet echt goed. Ik moest erg aan het kleine setje wennen, veel te lang geleden dat ik hier mee voer. Pas in het einde redelijk de boel onder controle. Gelukkig wel gevonden waardoor het niet hard genoeg liep.  Morgen andere vin, meer dounhaul,minder outhaul,iets meer mastverlenging, vanwege diepe mastrack. Dan moet het beter lopen. Veel defi Wind surfers vandaag aan het speeden.  Verder wil ik iedereen feliciteren die vandaag een PR gevaren hebben. Fabian met zijn bijzonder mooie 500 meter. En dan nog onze fotografie,  Danke Christina Motloch. En niet te vergeten mijn sponsors. Challenger Sails, Windsportstrading

Nice Speed Session at La Franqui together wit a lot of fucking fast speeders. A bit disappointed with the Avg. But no complains. It was good to be on the small gear again.



PR Day!!!
-10 sek

Had great fun with the other guys on the water =)

Roadtrip to La Franqui with Johan Huitema, joined by Dirk Jan as well as Rob and Arnold today.

After a 14 hour drive the conditions looked quite square so I made a decision to try the Loft 4.9. Bad call, wasted a lot of energy trying to get it to work and ended up with a lot of frustration. So in my first break I rigged the trusty 5.6 and all was fine again. The wind was a bit up and down every now and then, but after a longer period of less wind a lot of people left. Obviously the wind came back and with a slighly less square angle. Did my best runs in that wind, but did not have enough energy to get more than 3 runs out of it. A shame, but the wiser decision to call it a day.

All in all great to be here again, blasting back and forth on the speed board in some feisty wind, I love it! Now it's time for a shower, food, beer and sleep and we'll be back fresh in the morning.

wauw realy nice session bit hard to go realy fast but mre than happy with te numbers i saild today :p  nice to see so many good speedsailors.nice sailing dennis wel done.

5.2 evo X feels great lots of acceleration down wind nice feeling.

thnx to Zfins/neilpryde/jpaustralia/harlekijn/ 

what a superb day again!

due the wind was at my start around 12.00 hours a bit to square, my runs got higher and higher due to the experience of last week and the builded faith in myself.

Result: new average and max speed, almost 90 km/h!

Really happy with the results and hopefully tomorrow a great session again ;-)


Day 2 and again a PR!!

No slingshots for me, just behind the sandbar

Very happy with the 500m!

These are the conditions where I bought the 5.2 and Speed44 for :)


Yesterday I used the same two Gyro GPS devices as the other days, a year old Rev-E and the brandnew Rev-F

Difference in speed is in km/h (Rev-E is faster)

0,005 on AVG

0,008 on max

0.009 on 250m

0,000 on 500m

No need to repost with the other unit :)

Jeehaaaa, new PR on average!

Nice day on the speedboard, with a lot of fast guys on the course today. Super happy with the results.

My Suunto gives an avg of 82,98. Looks like the conditions got better around 17:00, this means there's still room for improvement for me ;-) 


Congrats to Vinnieboy with the day victory and Fabian with his fast 500!

I'm ready for DéfiWind tomorrow

Thanks to my sponsors NeilPryde, JP-Australia, Pacific Boardshop, Select Fins and Unifiber

Very nice day at the Rouet together with some real fast guys. Probably needless to say with my speeds that they are all straight line – no slingshots ;-)

First time in La franqui. Pretty overpowered in the begining

very nice early session !

Early on the water with no weights flat, windy and extremly square, first time on the speedboard for years and needed long time to get in confort zone, but nice session even I was slow and did only small slingshots. When I took the weight on the wind died down a bit and I stopped for the day, so nice to be on speedboard again big smile.