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Results of the day
1Christophe Peyrouse44.83
2Robert Hofmann44.7
3Jean-marc Degrelle43.53
4Christian Arnold41.74
5Tjerk Baan Hofman41.05
6Laurent Fesquet40.82
7Edwin Roestenburg39.1
8Dirk Hacha37.4
9Zinou Guiri33.11
10Arnold Agema23.78

LF day 2:

Too late for the excellent conditions early in the morning.

During the day, the conditions became too difficult for me, so decided to wait till they became easier, but the wind died also.

Nevertheless, every day with 5 runs in La Franqui is a good day.

After driving all night from Italy I could not go to the beach before 10.00. Big mistake, best conditions were from 9 to 10 in the morning. Peps and Jean Marc did the right thing! Because then the wind turned totally North-North West big big rolling chop. I spend the whole day trying to get 5 runs. Had a 46.23 kn - 10 sec and max Speed on my Gps 49,76! Also 500m pretty good 44,47 kn. We see tomorrow! Also have problems with my GW-60 file, so I post GT-31 file!

lol Jean Marc...same to you !

At the beach at 8:00, even more wind than yesterday! All runs with square wind on the shoreline, I took no slingshot risk.. Waited hoping the wind would drop a bit which it did but then dropped too much and become very wide, so two bad runs in the set, better luck next time and learning all the time :-) Jurgen and Tjerk, bon voyage!

feeling slower... and new PB's !!!!

I don't understand !

little improvement for my 500 as well ! 

not so easy conditions , not so long , but job is done !!