Results of the day
1Robert Hofmann45.03
2Christian Arnold43.4
3Mikkel Asmussen41.88
4Tom De Pauw41.23
5Laurent Fesquet41.21
6Dirk Hacha41.09
7Kai Kaufmann40.52
8Fred Durozo39.9
9Anton J. Geesink39.86
10Edwin Roestenburg39.76
11Zinou Guiri37.25
12Zinou Guiri37.25
13Frank Vanderhaeghen34.75
14Marc Segers33.5

PR 10s and 5x10s

session with my gt31 but first time with the GW60....44.70 nds on the vmax

eindelijk eens wat sneller dan gewoonlijk :)


LF day 4:

The wind was very broad, with a strong rolling chop.

With in mind the disappointing speeds of the previous days on my small gear, I took my small slalomboard (mXr LM54) and the 5.6 instead of 5.1.

No idea why, but now I managed to let fly my set with control and thus better speeds. Even with a PR on best 10 sec run, why can't I do that on a smaller and (theoretical) faster speedboard ???
And after having destroyed me for 3 days in a row, it was nice to be a tiny bit faster than my mate Tom (both on GT-31 and Suunto ;-)

New personal best in all...i am a bit stupid to go on smaller boards. Its very difficult to get the lift....its dead flat! Happy about 80kmh and over 40 knots avarage. i come back and will be faster :.)

Happy to sail here 4 days in a row with my smallest speedgear :-)

Went for a good mile for the OBC TC but unfortunally we ended to early :-(   I did a 1000 meter of > 73 km/u so could have been a good one...

Dirk: thanks for borrowing me your boom and congrats with your amazing speeds with the mXr 54  !!!




Another difficult session in LF. Wind again very shifty and gusty! Took me the whole day to get some decent runs!  46,46 kn on 10 sec is good, and 500m 45,43 knots is great! Really getting used to my Severne M2 Sails, I'm probably the only guy using Mach 2, but I don't have Speed Sails. I use what I can get! Still delivering good Speeds with 54 years!! Hahaha

Mannelijke sessie op Plage De Rouet.
Waaide stevig.
Ik was sneller dan gisteren , helaas ook een paar flinke klappen gemaakt.
Horloge kwijt, bril kapot, deuk in vertrouwen.......

Was weer top.

Helaas max van 82 wel in display maar niet op het file.
Dit kan natuurlijk een van de crashes zijn/veroorzaakt hebben maar ook een run van 74 wel in display en niet terug te vinden.
Dat vindt ik wat onverklaarbaarder.


last day LF! What a paradise, we had 4 sessions. Today 5.6 was perfect but became too big.. Unfortunately broke the lowest batten in overpowered condition when I decided to go an ly down on it! never mind, it was fantastic. Bad for the runs to stop so early though but there is always next time!