Results of the day
1Vincent Valkenaers46.91
2Jacques van der Hout46.02
3Leon Dirks41.76
4Jean-marc Degrelle40.89
5Gerwin Slingerland40.56
6Jean-Charles Hoffmann40.48
7Edgar Hoendervangers40.44
8Nico Nouwen40.06
9Damien Nico39.75
10Marco Smeele39.3
11Peter van Dijk39.29
12Hugo Hekkenberg38.49
13Dani Coca Serra38.13
14Anthony Rebours37.07
15Robert Baas36.14
16Edgar Berger34.65
17Robert Baas33.06
18Kirsten Baas30.85
19Kirsten Baas30.45

What a day! PR on the AVG with a crash at the end. Result dislocated shoulder.....
Leon, Dimitri, Vincent, Jacques, Gerwin, Andrea and everyone else I forget thank you for all your help !!!

nice session started slow but went super fast on a few moment do bad the wind droped to fast so i could not work my 2 slowest runs away but stil super nice session :p always nice to go over 51 knots top seed 

First ride without camber

so easy, but less fast off course

Strekte en succes met je herstel Edgar.

Middagsessie, wind werd wat vlageriger, maar mijn eerste run was gelijk op de display 70,5. Helaas werd de wind wat minder, en na wat correctie is het dus net onder de 70 gegaan...... Nog een drempel om te passeren :-)

Goede ochtendsessie op Franqui, Veel runs kunnen doen, en weer flink sneller dan ooit. Was druk (best wel wat kiters) maar ging heerlij. Ook de speciale Volt fin werkt lekker op hoge snelheid.

Wat een topdag. Geloof dat bijna al mijn PR's gebroken zijn. Nu nog even kijken of ik de Nautische mijl kan kraken en dan kan ik dat ook weer afvinken. Gezellig op het water met @ en de Baasjes :)

La Franqui - een echte sessie.

Deel 2 - horloge. Deel 1 van GT-31 moet nog geupload worden.

First 2 hours I did go out with Speed W44. Later wind the was dropping and went more gusty, so did take the Speed Slalom 75. Later on some nice gusts come back and made my fast max and run with this board.  

Very nice day. 7 months in a row a session with 85 km/h 5x 10 sec average or higher. Never manage to do that before. I am now ready to watch F1 (more important;-)), Vincent is trying to break the spot record now, i hope he manage to do this. 

early morning was not the good choice , c'est la vie ! 


I arrive at the beach at 9: 45h and there is a good wind, between 35-40 knots, with that wind in Menorca, with choppy amount the Loft Racing blade 5m of 2016. Prince Andrea Baldini rides 5.6. So not being in full form I decide to ride the 5m and not the 5.9 Fanatic falcon 45 of 2011 and Gasoil fins ELS 21 cm.

The first run I take it easy to get the spot ... 39 knots of Vmax On the next run 40.87 knots of Vmax! While I was upwind I see a man who falls sharply catapulted. Next, Vincent Valkenaers and I who are close help him out of the water. It seems that the shoulder has left the site. Together with a couple of his colleagues, we wait for medical services to come. In the end they end up supplying morphine for the pain ... I hope you have a good and fast recovery.

It has been almost half hour and observing the consequences of a bad fall makes me think that I have to be cautious on my first day in La Rouet. When I come back to the water the wind is more gusty and I lack the power to make good runs. In spite of that I continue sailing to at least 5 runs and I get a good “avarage”, getting over 38 knots, 5 above my brand.

In the first hour it was fine for 5m but then it would have been better with 5.9. When you go downwind the sail is quite neutral and was sailing very comfortable. I suffer a lot more at home with 35 knots on choppy than here at 40 knots. The truth is that it has been easy to achieve one of my two objectives for this trip. The main and most realistic was to get 40 knots. The second and most ambitious was to get 40 knots of "avarage". For the next occasion I know that I have to go very strong sailing if I want to get better records and a better “avarage”. Let's see if one day I can reach 45 knots; p jejej

The experience has been fantastic, being able to navigate this fantastic spot so flat that it is easy to go relatively quickly. I have also been able to meet and navigate with some the greats of world speed, such as Prince Andrea Baldini, Vincent Valkenaers or Heidi Ulrich.

Thanking my wife and daughter who have accompanied me on the beach and made it possible for my wish to be fulfilled: D

I will back!