Results of the day
1Christian Arnold37.59
2Peter van Dijk37.41
3Marco Smeele36.74
4Gerwin Slingerland35.05

Nice Slalom Session at la rouet... :-)

Last and strange day at La Franqui today. In the morning out with 6.2 and Speed Slalom 75. Wind wasn’t that great, but hoped for more later. But later the wind did get more gusty and less. So I did take the iSonic 107. But the wind dropped even more and it looks that the wind was gone. But in the afternoon the wind picked up again and later even more than in the morning. I think the Speed Slalom 75 was in this conditions fatser, but I iSonic was flying and I want to make a 70km/h run.  And I did it. ??

Was very tricky by the way, with so much kiters. I don’t like them….