Results of the day
1Vincent Valkenaers44.68
2Gerlof Hansma42.83
3Dirk Jan Knol42.56
4Sébastien Bourgeois41.25
5Jean-marc Degrelle40.99
6Koen Onderbeke40.16
7Gerwin Slingerland39.94
8Jean-Charles Hoffmann39.87
9Oane Kingma39.09
10Anthony Rebours37.31
11Willem Wolvers35.95
12Willem Wolvers34.37

As I did have the falcon for just a week the last days I have been testing the board a bit on Port La Nouvelle with the Tribal Sym speed 23. There I have used once the KA race 6,3 the fin was a bit short at that moment. The same day I used the KA Speed 5,7 that was a nice combo but my technic came to short.

After some advice I changed the foodstraps before I entered the water of La Franqui with the KA Koncept 5,4. As the wind was shifting a lot in direction we had to wait a bit but then sudenly it shifted in the right direction. My second run was the 69,22km/h 10 sec. PR time and first time I hit above the 70km/h in 2 sec. As the wind was shifting the hole time you did had to have luck with your go. Sometimes to many waves in the run maybe from the tide but also from the wind direction. My last run was the 68,06km/h 10sec. but it became to dangerous and I did get tired so that was the end of this wonderful day.

I'm looking forward to get my technic right and advance with Fanatic Falcon 80 here on this water the next time I come over.

Thx Peter for the everything, Thx Randy for the fun this Week, Thx the boys from WeRide for the coffee and the laugh and Thx Sebastien for your big smile and fun on the water.

For the first time on this spot. So did take a safe choice and first took my high wind slalom with the Tribal MK2 30. Also it was the first time I had a KA Koncept 5,4 in my hands so first runs a lot of tuning. At the end the runs went better and better but at a point the wind took up and the highwind slalom started to go flying. Out of safty it was time for a break.

Really amazing to see the fast boys going:)

fun session bit tired of the day before

Super mooie dag weer op La ruet.   Gevaren met Challenger PSL 6,4 en de Fanatic speed 52,5  met een Finisch 25 vin. Deze set liep vandaag fantastisch. Heerlijk mee gevaren.   Ook de speeds waren goed snelste run was met de grote set.   Gerlof en Oane gingen vandaag ook lekker , sneller als gisteren bijde.  Gerlof en ik zaten erg dicht bij elkaar vandaag, beetje stuivertje wisselen. Na 14;00uur heb ik mijn kleine setje gepakt, om hopelijk nog iets sneller te gaan,   gemiddeld met de grote set was 77,5 km h. Helaas met de kleine set niet veel meer kunnen verbeteren. wind te ruim  en baan te hobbelig. Maar we klagen niet was weer een super dag!!! afgesloten  bij de   WOK , al  you can eet. Op naar morgen.

Second day on La Franqui. In the morning the wind was 'light', only 20 knots, but picked up in the afternoon. However, we got a mixed bag of conditions: broad, square, strong and sometimes hardly any wind and on top of that some heavy swell. Despite all that I had more fun than yesterday and I could also improve on my speeds. Each time after I took a break I managed to improve on my worst runs until that time, so I'm satisfied with the end result in these wavy conditions (exciting!)

Gerlof offered me an asy fin to lend, which I used the entire day. The Sonntag X2W was rock steady and sailling upwind was nowhere near as challenging as I expected from an asy fin! Interesting...

Tomorrow will probably bring a little less wind, but we'll see how it goes. You never know what you're going to get here!


2e dag op la franqui. Vandaag voor mij een betere richting, niet meer zo haaks als gisteren, wel minder vlak, maar voor mij is dit beter. Lekker gevaren en wederom een mooi dagje!

Op het einde kwam de swell er flink in, toen zijn we gestopt, het werd te riskant om nog snellere runs te maken.

first time with the new ka speed 4,7 2020... very hard conditions choppy and gusty

that was not good when we remember yesterday !