Results of the day
1Klaus Küppenbender44.85
2Johan Huitema43.67
3Christophe Peyrouse43.47
4Christian Bornemann43.24
5Christian Arnold43.15
6Peter van Dijk41.92
7Nico Nouwen41.61
8Laurent Fesquet40.71
9Koen Onderbeke40.26
10Heidi Ulrich39.91
11Jean-Charles Hoffmann39.74
12Anthony Rebours38.39
13Marie-Paule Geldhof37.41
14Zinou Guiri36.85
15Zinou Guiri36.85
16Sosso Sosso29.31
17Yayo Camegratte Fada27.06
18Yayo Camegratte Fada21.31
19Yayo Camegratte Fada6.26

PR 2 Sek.

One step closer to the next goal!

not super fast on max speed... but i have to focuse now on the 500m.  


40.46kt average/open water 500m 

Material tests has already off..!


Sessie 32: Een avontuurlijke reis door Europa met als toetje een ouderwetse sessie op La Franqui. om 7.00 met 5.6 gestart, om 10.00 met melkzuur in de spieren moeten kapituleren; was 5.2 toch beter geweest? :-) het was met het dagje wel... a la Gert Jan Droge... ;-)

nice day with Klaus and many other speed friends

started at 7 in the morning with 6.3 qm,  the Patrik Speed 48 and B&F Lessacher 24, changed later on to 5.6 qm

Nice day at Le Rouet. Didn't expect the wind should be so stong today. For a moment the wind picked up pretty serioulsly. Good for my fifth speed result ever. :-D


Really nice day with Christian,Anthony and the Weride Speedgang

Also Peter ,Marie and Koen

wind was up and down,water was really flat

Did some run with 5,6 but was not faster

pr i am happy


Started with 5.6 and unfortunately missed some good wind when changing to the 5.1.

Too soon on water!

First recovery after my big crash 8 days ago. Hard to make good times thinking about the fall but it will come back.