Results of the day
1Robert Hofmann44.56
2Laurent Fesquet41.29
3Jean-marc Degrelle41.15
4Tim Otte40.84
5Tim Otte40.84
6Armin Hoefer40.54
7Armin Hoefer40.54
8Heidi Ulrich39.74
9Patrick Depoorter39.52
10Christian Arnold39.18
11Rainer Motloch39.15
12Birgit Hoefer37.16
13Marie-Paule Geldhof36.44
14JeanPierre de Waard36.16

Repost for the German Speedking

test new Board!|

YES!! this was the day I was waiting for

40 knots in 5x10 sec new PB !!

first time really on my Patrick 43, so nice and easy, amazing.

two more days to come ....

PB open water!! Yeah Vmax 43,01 kn 

New PB,

Gratulation to Birgit for her 40.04 knts max!

wow, this was the last run of the day and I got 40,04 on my display. I did not recognize that it was that fast ;-)))

repost with the new GPS MOTION Unit. Results very close to GT31

worked really fine!

Beautiful speedsailing day together with many friends. Had a lot of fun, a little bit rolling chop. Somehow it felt faster today than I actually was ...

Very hard conditions at Le Rouet, but good to be back. After a tough weekend with much working hours and only 4h sleep JP and I drove over night to La Palme.

Wind was very North (broad) and lots of nasty chop, than again a bit more square but to light to get going and bam! Again some very hard gust from north. Most of the speedies had to walk back due to the broad angle.

Managed to better my 500m and do a PB on this, see what tommorow brings

Despite these tough conditions this is my second fastest session at LF!

So, also steep chop, rolling chop, difficult starts, long sandblasted  walks, it still can be fast!

not an easy day,but to good to see some friends and have big winds !

Finally back in LF after a terrible long drive from Italy (15 hours due to the collapsed bridge in Genova). I was still super tired. Today was not the best LF because wind was very North and at times super square again, but I managed to get a pretty good average and 500m! Let's see what happens tomorrow!!