Results of the day
1Hendrik de Jong42.59
2Christian Bornemann41.84
3Christian Bornemann41.84
4Anne Evert van der Veen40.16
5Manfred Fuchs39.64
6Wolfgang Lewang39.41
7Wolfgang Lewang39.41
8Koen Onderbeke38.56
9Xavier Pauwels37.95
10Andre Lancel37.55
11Andre Lancel37.55
12Klaus Küppenbender37.05
13Beuselinck Sam36.7
14Marie-Paule Geldhof36.46
15Beuselinck Sam34.1

Repost for WeRide Leucate Speed Challenge

Last day with less wind, board and sail too small, good fun anyway, without weights better for my back. We had a good time with sun and wind and if there were less shakas and kiters it would have been even better ;)

Last day in la Franqui

not my day,had some excellent crashes

wind was very gusty and rolling chop

Also my leg was not o.k.

next time better

Best was surfing with my speed buddys in sunny and windy conditions

jammer dat de wind afnam, vlagerig werd en vooral te ruim werd, anders had er wellicht wel iets meer ingezeten.


Last day in la Franqui, again beautiful, sunny and warm weather

Not too much wind today, but not as crowded as the days before


repost we ride leucate



lastig dagje downwind speed condities maar zeer vlagerig na de middag was het ietsje minder dus nog wat slalomspeed gedaan ... super 3 dagen @ la franqui speed en slalom 350KM in totaal