Results of the day
1Antoine Albeau45.92
2Christian Arnold44.35
3Thierry Bielak43.18
4Tom De Pauw42.26
5Dirk Hacha41.97
6Thomas Moldenhauer40.6

PB's with 6.2 sail. Very nice afternoon. Easy to sail.

A day I have been waiting for.

Nice feeling!!!

Allez La Vitesse!

Nice feeling!!!

Allez La Vitesse!

First day of my LF-trip with Tom.

Whoop whoop :-)) Best LF day for me ever!

Not the hammer-winds (5.6 was not overpowerd) but, as often the first day of tramontana, the water was quite smooth. Good enough to sail my first ever 80+ run en some other PB's (avg, 100, 250, 500m).

Great day on the water together with some legends as AA & TDP and others. :-)))

La Franqui op z'n best.