Results of the day
1Ron Koldeweid34.45
2Marcel Braas34.32
3Raymond Wortel30.17
4Raymond Wortel29.96

First post with a Gyro-2!

Due to memory constraints it's only a partial track

I'll post the complete track with the Gyro-1

heerlijke nazomer middag !! in een 7.0 windje deed de ga vapor 6.4 het fantastisch !! ook het hoogte lopen is opmerkelijk !! hopelijk doet ie het ook inn highwind omstandigheden !!

Just not enough wind for the W54 and just enough for the 80 Liter Isonic of Johnnyboy. 62 km of sun and fun. John, your 80L Isonic is an amazing board, thx buddy! 

Wind didn't pickup as expected.

So today just cruising and testing the Gyro-2

Fastest run against the tide direction ;)