Results of the day
1Mark Hayford38.62
2Mark Bailey30.6
3Garry Goodwin26.12
4Caitlin Boothroyd25.02

Suprised to see 40k on the dial on my old W58, i was not expecting it in these gusty, on/off SW'ly winds and choppy waters. Weird doing 40k at West Kirby in a port tack direction, took a while to dial in. Sailed with Garry and great to see Mark B back over at WK after a few years off. The love affair with my 10 year old SB W58 continues, for now. Was fun.

Great to get back to West Kirby for a session. Rigged my 5.75 Bolt but in hindsight I should have taken out the 5.25 as I was overpowered and found it hard sitting back and locking it down on the runs. Congratulations to MarkH for taking his W58 board to over 40kts foir the 1st time, well deserved and I'm sure it won't be long before it happens again.