Results of the day
1Adam Gustafsson40.12
2Howard Rowson38.53
3Pete Davis37.67
4Mark Hayford36.82
5Peter Crook35.71
6Alex Bennett-Baggs35.23
7Richard Hobson35.23
Westerly at times gusting over 30kts.

First chance to get out on the Carbon Art - nice day, never quite windy enough and board cruising along at speeds equalling my personal bests but without even trying - just a few knots more wind would have done it.

Sailed all day to try and get that elusive gust but never happened - by the time it eventually came up at around 5:00pm it was too broad and choppy and I was too knackered to hang on.

Great fun and very happy with the board - which is becoming an increasingly common sight, I saw four today.
absolutely stoked! new board and sail, broke every record met some great friendly people....if carlsberg did speed sailing :)
The Pros:

Great to get back out sailing again with the WK crew, Adam and Pete, as well as meeting Alex and Richard for their Wk induction - well done guys.

Pretty sunny and warm with a westerly flow 20-25kts with the odd 30 burst.

The Cons:

Unusually choppy for a westerly flow.

The wall refurb! why?

1. Harsh coarse tarmac face, feet feel like I've been walking on glass all day.
2. The westerly felt gutless, no juice and draggy, the 1m high boulders on the outer face and lack of silt smooth over, may have altered the windflow over the wall, more turbulent and less laminar. My fastest run was a good 25m out from the wall, where the wind seemed "cleaner" but the water state was more choppy.

Enjoyable day despite the cons
Great Forecast for August, and Last minute call by Howard was spot on (Cheers mate!) so made the trip up late thursday
Was at the lake at 7.30, rigged and ready to go and on the Water just after 9am. Difficult conditions to go fast since the wind was gusty and patchy and the water was choppy for kirby despite the wind angle being quite tight. First few runs were on the T1 Board but I just couldn't get any decent speed out of it today. Came in an hour later and Farrel was kind enough to lend me his CA44 and Lockwood fin . This is a blistering combo which eats chop and speeds were up immediately, Also used an extra 5kgs of weight in the weight jacket. Stayed out all day and got a couple of clean gusts but the wind never really got over 30. As usual great atmosphere and good to see everyone again, hopefully we will get a few more good days this winter before the water gets to cold.
Really could have done without the 7hr drive home but at least the merc didn't break down as usual...
Re-loaded yesterday sesh as I was going out and didnt check for spikes. First full day on the smaller iS44 speed. I was a bit under cooked on the 5.8m and iS44 but wanted to stick with it as we all thought the wind would pick up. Learned alot today and starting to relax much more than previous speed board sessions. Found one setting for my kit, then played around with my stance. This really helped me to relax more and helpe to stop me trying to muscle the kit, used loads less energy than normal. Good result for me. The wind was up and down and the course was choppy, which was unusual for this direction. I think it has something to do with the new wall. Best speeds where about 4 or 5 meters away from the wall, but through horrible chop. I keep't on missing the squalls as I was usually on the upwind leg when they hit. With hind-sight, I should have gone out on the 6.3m and 24" Tectonic falcon, not the 5.8m and 26" falcon. Great turn out of UK speedies, and good to see a couple of new faces, Richard and Alex flying.

Top day, best so far for 2009, hopefully many more to come  
Good to get back to West Kirby since it reopened, Shame my speeds were not better.
Arrived around 10 just after the really strong wind which saw many using small sails.

Rigged up the 5.7 as it seemed to be dropping.

Moved on my personal bests by a microscopic amount.

Frustrating day because it has become apparent that the changes to the WK wall have produced a horrible rolling chop as you go down the course. It never used to be as bad as this before the changes.

Guess we will have to get used to it - balls of steel required.