Results of the day
1Martin van Meurs37.25
2Serge Beumer35.94
3Patrick Miller35.94
4Richard Lutter35.11
5Robert Bennink34.13
6Richard Lutter33.89
7Fred Rozendaal33.27
8Bjorn Rozendaal32.15
9Joost Kuijsters31.65
10Maurice Janssen31.29
11Haldun Atar 31.24
12Jos Voormolen30.8
13Dieter Heinemann26.91

Another day of testing.

Pretty happy with the best run and particularly with the 500m.

Heel vlagerig.

7.8 Te groot gekozen:-(

Toch lekker gesurft.

Rond een uur of 12:00 op Horst. Beste wind vermoedelijk in de ochtend, maar had geen zin om vroeg uit de veren te gaan. Want gisteren ouderwets wezen hakken in de Gelderdome. Zonnetje dat vanochtend vriendelijk scheen, verleide me om verder te gaan hakken op het water. Het was toch weer effe lekker. Grtz.

Lekker gevaren! ff het zweet van Paul Elstak gisteren eruit gesport.

Jammer dat de wind snel eruit ging.

heerlijk gevaren! 7.0 was precies goed, erg vlagerige wind.

Gezellig weer met Maurice en een klein clubje diehards.

Toch viel de kou wel mee, 8 graden gaat prima met de Rip Curl

Was te laat op het water best wind gemist. Later met de PD 92 door gevaren.

2e sessie PD92 met 7mtr max display 67km/u

The wind was a lot less than predicted, but still happy to be on the water. First try of the Tribal asy speed proto fin. We had to share fins, so i decided to take the 44 wide speedboard with the 22 and just see where it goes. Not too bad considering most were on 7.0 and 60cm boards. Never decently powered but still very happy with the performance. Hope for some good winds to come soon without it getting too cold. Rolf was on the same size on another spot which did get 30 minutes of decent wind and he was raving about the fin, so it seems to be a hit.

Der Tag war Semi - kalt und Mega-Böig, einfach nur zum vergessen

was uitdagende wind

Second session on the new Tribal ASY. The fin simply rocks. As opposed to the trusted Z Asy it's not totally dependent on leg pressure. All known speedfins up till now rely heavily on leverage and weight. Not so with this fin. It's super easy underfoot and asks for far less leg power to get up to speed. 

Conditions were less than ideal for 5.7. Similar to the first session I slowly got to understand the difference in feel compared to the asy fins I am used too. I dare say the speed was insane for the conditions we had as realistically it just wasn't 5.7 weather. I know the S2 Venom works in smaller sizes but the added value of this fin gives another dimension to rigging and tuning small. 

Serge deliberately used his small speedboard and stretched tings even further boardwise. In the now he weighs around 8 kilo more than me. We will test more indeep and come back with more detailed comments for sure. 

In person I am 100% convinced this fin will prove to set a new standard on a true speedcourse.