Results of the day
1Raymond Wortel40.76
2Rolf de Ruiter40.64
3Wouter van Hilst37.78

Ik stond vanmorgen op het dak te werken, totaal geen surfplannen... tot ik zag dat Rolf en Raymond naar HRD waren. Meteen m'n plannen omgegooid en met een setje die kant op gereden. De dikste wind was toen al geweest, in eerste instantie zakte 'ie helemaal weg ook. Gelukkig kwam er nog een staartje wind achteraan. Heerlijke sessie toch weer! Bedankt boys! Jullie hebben mooie snelheden hoor.

What an insane surprise! last minute call to go to the HRD with Raymond. Since the forecast looked very weird with wind in only small parts of the country, I anticipated on a 109/7.9 session and didn't bother to take my 5.5. lesson learned: ALWAYS bring everything:P. Ray did and he took his 5.5, I was on 6.3 and that was not very efficient in the big gusts but still so much fun!! also improved my 10sec run with 6.3.

Later on, Wouter joined us but unfortunately for him he missed out on the best stuff. 

unforgetable day!

Very weird prediction, but Rolf and I agreed we would go for a mid slalom session. (Forecast was 2kts!!)

When I entered the dijk the wind was blowing hard!

I guessed I maybe could take the Speed56 with 6.3 or 7.0

When I arrived at the spot there was white water everywhere, as I had 5.5 in the van from the last session I decided to take it with the Speed50.

It was raining cats and dogs the whole day, not a nice bike ride :(