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Results of the day
1Jim Crossley38.79
2Pete Young38.25
3Patrick Van Hoof37.93
4Simon Pettifer37.4
5Mark Newman36.13
6Will Trossell36.08
7Garry Connell36.06
8John Oliver35.94
9Michael George34.87
10Shaun Cook34.47
11Jim Brake34.33
12James Faley33.75
13Neven Juretic33.63
14Adrian Wallis33.25
15George Fulton32.61
16Robin Russell32.43
17Paul Arnold32.4
18Simon Chippington 32.36
19Olly Wood32.17
20Neven Juretic27.88
21Adrian Wallis27.11
22Sarah Jackson26.47
Wsw , can't quite believe it . Now I shall be taking up golf.

been a while at those speeds but felt ok 

well done Pete Young !!!!!

Well done Pete ,, I thought only wise to stay out of the vortex of your sail blasting down the causeway today ????

Well done Pete ,, I thought only wise to stay out of the vortex of your sail blasting down the causeway today ????

230 Last day WSW

A great day. Phantom comfortable, perhaps I should have tried the NP racing sail.

What a great week at Weymouth Speed Week and a perfect day to finish with 40knt winds. I never got comfy today, 5.6 was too small but I knew the 6.4 was too big/wouldn't have lasted long on the water with it. Bit gutted slipping down the rankings a bit but still happy from all the sailing this week. Thanks to all the organisors and crew.

Weymouth Speed Week

A 400 round trip from Essex for the last day of the event, picked a awesome day as was windiest day of the week

i hit a pb on this kit today so felt happy with that and a pb at weymouth for me great to sail on the flat area next to the road but was killer chop at the end of 500m run ;) but i was under pace of the top speedsailors, need to train on stance again

Congrat's to the new harbour record plus all podiums

Ok-ish morning with peaks over 37 knots but never managed to translate them into good 500m runs down the course.

Completely frittered the afternoon away by messing around with kit combos that were not working for me. I took a gamble by taking out kit that I'd ever used before and paid the price in speed!

Speedweek Friday

Speedweek Friday


Best conditions I've sailed at portland for some time..Still trying to break 2second 40 knots...got 39.99 again!!! May have to repost from second GPS to take a check on that one!!!

Enough to win second place at speed week

The best WSW conditions Ive seen in the 10 years I have competed.

Finally broke at Portland 40knots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

500m was enough to claim 2nd WSW windsurfer!!!!!

Was pleased with my speed but just missed out on the title.


Weymouth speed week 2019

hard to find the good setting when you lost 9kg, slowly the speed went up

Testing Rakes on fins, not really a good idea now thinking about it after the event, as the main reason i was there was to go as fast as possible!!! could and should have gone faster!! but hey ho.

WSW 2019 - Friday