Results of the day
1Pete Young38.26
2Scotty Stallman37.98
3Simon Pettifer35.48
4James Faley34.82
5Michael George34.12
6Rob King31.94
7Paul Arnold30.87
8George Fulton30.52

240deg. Early sesh for high tide; 08:00 on the water. A few first's this week including today with 5.2 on 89. Had a couple of PB's, very happy with that. You can add one to them for getting up at 07:00, I don't do early! It's been a fantastic, productive month of training and tuning for WSW. Feeling confident...... fingers crossed!

Early start lovely bit of high tide , more impressed I got up early !

A year off slalom kit and then six days straight as a re-introduction! Every muscle in my body was aching before I started this session and even more so now!

The 6.4 was probably too much and the 5.6 would have been a lot more managable under the circumstances.

Still great to be back on the water and working at getting back my lost strength + fitness.

Early start to catch the tide, tried the 49&6.2m first, just not quite enough to get it flying, better results on the 63&7.0m - congrats to Pete on nailing the best runs !

Very nice to be on a good pace today it's been a while!

Well off the pace today, a niggling muscle pull from yesterday's Parkrun made me nervous of bearing off, feeble excuse I know.

slowly getiing quicker