Results of the day
1David Willows37.26
2Mark Hayford36.3
3Garry Goodwin32.38
4Adrian Brazier31.59
5Garry Goodwin31.11
6Rob Morgan26.78

SSW to Square, wind up and down, 1st time on the JP

Afternoon session, new pb for all sorts of things, not as busy as this morning, Great days sailing with advice from Mark!

Last minute decision to go wind surfing so only arrived at 4pm. Much more wind than expected, almost proper speed conditions  and didn’t have the correct equipment with me. I used the W58, big fin & a 6.2m. I really wished I had the W49 or W53 in the trailer, but that's what you get when you are in a hurry. The good thing was, it was a nice easy fun session, super flat water, square and very gusty winds and only five of us on the water. It was a bit of a lottery for us all, who could find the bigger wind gusts. Congrats to Garry on a new PB, Dave flying on his iS70 speed slalom, Was fun

Set up small speed board in the morning and the forcast wind vanished and stood around in water for a while so swapped board to 120 Firestorm 38 wave fin then in afternoon swapped again to the warp slalom 80lt with a 32cm Tzone fin,and wave sail 5.5 Tush Bolt and nice comfortable combo,  not a speed day for me as more intrested in having fun back and forth along the wall. Nice Windy day for August with some heavy rain showers. Looking forward to next west windy day.

is70 z delta 23, evo 9 6.4

Peak 41.4 on device,

speeds from ~1-3pm.