Results of the day
1Mark Hayford32.47
2Alex Bennett-Baggs31.62
3Garry Goodwin30.77
4Garry Goodwin28.99
5Adrian Brazier25.21

Short session today, another very gusty day, winds ranging from zero to low 20’s knots, WNW to NW so no wall running today. Super busy again. Nikki, Alex and Gary on their slalom kit. Was fun

il take today as a great day simply based on what could of happened, after fiddling with spacing my cams (badly) i went out and took it too close to the wall and the board stuck and didnt go off wind like before..i hit the wall at full pelt..gps logged just shy of 34mph before contact lost so potentially could of killed myself.. the result was a trashed patrik 115 and 38 lockwood carbon - my favorite slalom kit ruined! i managed to ride the wall literally before catapulting and missed the wall by 1 foot, whole underside ripped open with stone embedded into board, smashed and lost lockwood 38 best fin i have ridden, broken batten and lost shades lol,

apart from that, light wind but some great burning around prior..after killing the kit only had the speed 44 so tried that with the 7.0 which was suprisingly good..realised batten was bust so went 44 and 6.2 got fastest run with that but wind was dead and couldnt get going after so binned it 

mark was making the best of it..well done to gary his speeds are going up nicely good work mate!!

fucked up day 

Not a windy day forcast so came up here to practice my gybes and have a fun day, had a few runs down the wall on the speed kit but very slow so went back to the th Fireride 120lt and NCX 6.5 sail. Nice mix f clowd and sunny periods and 17c.

2nd session with wind from the North west