Results of the day
1Pete Young31.81
2Mark Newman31.32
3John Kennedy30.8
4Paul Arnold28.28
5Chris Pankhurst 25.48

wind was poor,, much as me balls at the moment  ,,  but good ride in a  dropping wind , Cruising , in chop,,   would have liked crazy in chop  but nuuu !  ,, i recon we will get a summer of wind this year      so  all good 

good fathers day outing , started on RS 4 , 7.8 mach1 overdrive , but killing my arms in gusts so settled for 7.0 then swapped to 105 falcon havent been on her for a while , she went a bit crazy 

Low tide, busy & very choppy!

wary after breaking my fin last week. 

Getting in the swing of it when the wind dropped.

first try of a seat harness which felt physically a litrtle easier, not sure yet on any speed differences?

Low tide days at Portland are challenging, add into that a SSW, lots of sailors and the mahoosive jellyfish and you end up with a fun session that demands full attention!

Great to be on the water with the locals, battling the chop and getting sunburnt as hell as it was cloudy :)