Results of the day
1Twan Verseput 44.55
2Robert Hofmann43.53
3Christian Arnold42.15
4Jean-marc Degrelle41.91
5Tom De Pauw40.9
6Guillaume Piedfert39.77
7Anton J. Geesink39.32
8Thomas van den Heuvel39.04
9Dirk Hacha36.86

dreams have to stop one day :p

not a good day with very gusty wind , from 10 to 50 kts ! 

square to broad angle ,

c'est la vie :) 

Strange day in LF. Sometimes strong from the west and way to square, then turning NW and getting light and choppy! Super gusty all day! Good to be on the water, but not a session to remember!

Heerlijke sessie vandaag.
Niet zo extreem als het gisteren schijnt geweest te zijn dus heerlijk ontspannen speeden.

Top !!


Gusty and shifty wind...

But again PR!!!

The day started very promising with first run of the day 80 km/u 10".

Sadly the good conditions became worse during the day.

But no stress we had fun anyway !

By the way : 4.8m is the right size for me here :-)

LF day 3:

Very strange day in LF with conditions that changed every 10 minutes.

Couldn't find the control to let fly my small gear (just as the earlier days).

Disappointed in the speeds....but not in the holiday.

Display max 84 km/h! Have to work on my runs....