Results of the day
1Niek Huisman34.63
2Dennis Klaaijsen34.1
3Marco Lambers33.55
4Bjorn Enqvist33.1
5Fabian Crombeen32.4
6Marco Lambers32.35
7Fred Durozo32.14
8Joris Buijs30.55
9Andy Hart29.32
10Ted de Pagter29.09
11Sipke Bijlsma27.77
12Sipke Bijlsma26.88

Top dag gevaren.......
Nieuwe vin ook top!

Pre Defi Training. Straight on the water after the 1.200 km journey.

6.4 and 34 fin where optimistic. 30 gave more control.


Great to be back in paradise


Evening session

Afternoon session gybing with Pieter Bijl

What a first day.. started with 6.2 and the isonic 90.

a lot of wind, but also practise jibing with Pieter and Niek. a lot of fun.. the wind was sometimes much too strong, but a great experience

Session 2, started around 18h. after watching the video's of this morning. Rigged a smaller sail, because the wind increased again :) 

Much better control, but strange to go fast with a slalom board instead of a speed board.

Lot of fun again and tomorrow... more wind :) 

What a nice start of the vacation here in Gruissan. Plenty of wind and sailing with good friends. Happy :)