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1Stephen Squirrell26.24

Thursday 16th May – windsurf **** Point Clear – sunny periods.


F2 Rise 282 with 36 cm fin and Tushingham Lightning 7m.


Fin – 27.79 knot max., 26.23 knot ave., 17.14 knot hour, 23.16 knot mile, 78.50 km., 15.41 knot alpha.


For once the forecast lived up to its billing :) With the ENE wind we had two venues to pick, The Dip, Felixstowe my home spot and only a few miles from my house or the River Stour at Bradfield. The high tide needed for the Stour was a little early although several mates had a good sail there this morning I decided to stay in Felixstowe where we had to wait for the tide to drop to get the best of the conditions so I was in no hurry to get to the beach. So had a lovely morning in the garden with Mag, first doing my exercises and then making a three-tier bug hotel out of an old pallet:) Then the messages started on WhatsApp with Andy Mexome saying he had arrived at The Dip so I had a quick sandwich before hitching the trailer dropping Mag off at The Fludgers for a walk and arrived at the beach just before one with Andy and Biggy all ready there. After the usual what kit talk, 115 lt. boards and I rigged 7, Andy 7.3 and Biggy 7.8 but I am not sure if that sail actually made it out? Andy was first out but quickly returned to the beach to change down to 6.6! but I decided to give the 7m a go and to be honest it was fine as it can take a lot of wind but my 6.5 would have been fine too. With the tide dropping it should have been perfect smooth water but to be honest it was pretty lumpy in fact very big out by the red and white bouy and looking for a nice wave to gybe on was challenging! I decided to try for an hour thinking if I sailed past the far bouy 10 times that would be an hour, I need not have worried because in the end I was out on the water pretty much none stop covering a years best 78.50 KM and also ended up with my year best hour of 17.14 which was good considering the sea state! After beating up to kite beach in front of the golf course I spent most of the session here. There was a few hundred metres of smoothish water close to the beach and you could get some fast gybes close to the shore but was disappointed with my alpha’s :( I then tried a small trip up the River Deben but it didn’t work, wind the wrong direction, tide too strong and the water too shallow so I headed back out. I found a good place in the Deben entrance with some flattish water, followed by some broad reaches in the lumpy stuff, beat out over a mile past the red and white bouy then repeat! I had some fun chasing Swainy about, then getting knackered I tried for a fast mile sailing two mile down the coast getting my best N/mile then a beat back to call it a day. So, 4-star session in the sun would have been 5 if the sea was better but that’s Felixstowe for you! That looks like it’s the end of the wind for a week so with Mag feeling a bit fitter perhaps we can get out on the bikes, as for tomorrow Mag and I are apparently motoring up to Ipswich from Levington Marina in a 40 footer! :)