Results of the day
1Rafal Kapuscinski41.36
2Dirk Jan Knol40.05
3Dirk Hacha39.41
4Robin Blondeel39.03
5Nico Nouwen38.63
6Jean-marc Degrelle36.24

Eerste dag  zuid frankrijk,  de wind was niet byzonder hard dus maar voor de licht tweer speedset gekozen, In de middag nog even met de nieuwe 5,6 PSL gevaren maar daar waaide het echt te weinig voor. Dus maar weer met de 6,4 PSL verder gesurfd.  de nieuwe Finish deed het goed, erg lekkere vin op snelheid, In de middag net te vroeg gestopt, de wind nam toch weer toe.  maar had de 5,6 al op geruimd. Vond het wel goed. Op naar Morgen  met meer wind en kleine Board en zeil.

Day 3 of our LF trip with Robin, first day at Le Rouet.

Quite bizarre day. Arrived at 9.00h on a sunny beach with very flat water and 20 knots wind. It was just a matter of time till the predicted 25 knots were there.

But instead the clouds came, even rain too, and wind never filled in. I started only at 4 PM, tired of waiting, with a bigger board (mXr LM54) for an easier surf.

Had no idea about the speeds (Suunto cable was still in Belgium, GT-31 was packed in too much plastic bags ;-), but when I hit a quite strong gust, I thought I better took the JP45. Wrong choose, because the wind slowly faded away again.

To my surprise I did my 2 fastest runs and max (81) with the mXr LM54, what a great shape of the 2 Martin's (Van Meurs/Love) and the Loftsails SpeedBlade 5.6 felt really stable also.

The day didn't deliver what I hoped for, but am I dissapointed? Nooo :-)


The predictions looked promissing, but they never deliverd. To much clouds made the wind gusty and shifty. In the end I had one good gust. First time this fin on this combo and worked perfect. Can’t wait to have more wind. 

Nice speeds for Dirk on the big board!!! 

Morgen gaat het vast los!

I needed much longer time of wind :p