Results of the day
1Hans Kreisel45.74
2Jacques van der Hout45.56
3Gerwin Slingerland40.17

Some sleep can do miracles felt a lot better today only problem was the cold took me some runs to get a little bit used to it after that it was do-able. Congratz to Jacq he was flying again on this square course. I always like it more broad. Driving home now getting back to work tomorrow.

Early morning session. Very cold and windy. Did only 7 runs and quit. Maybe same average as yesterday was possible, but i didn't like the cold. Good to see Hans was more in shape then yesterday.

Again a nice 500 meter today.

Besides the cold we had already some nice sessions beginning of the year. Hope it gets warmer soon.

Never never seen so much wind pffff, 12 kg off lead wasn't enough. After two ours i was in control, i have learned again what real speedsailing is. The two dutchy s were flying the differents between all of us and them are amazing we can dream about there average. Thanks Hans for inviting me ( not alone on the water they are champs in the hotel i can tell you they eat F... 700 gram meat can you believe this )