Results of the day
1Ron Koldeweid41.98
2Raymond Wortel39.13
3Rolf de Ruiter38.86

wat een super sessie met Raymond en Ron, eindelijk weer eens op een speedboard en voortdurend snelheden boven de 70, dat was weer lang geleden! Ik was zo slap als een vaatdoek en daarom erg rustig aan gedaan tussen de runs maar gelukkig ging het goed! nieuwe kom is goed gekeurd!:)

Past week I checked some directions and the new small dam should be the about the same as the old small dam.

Rolf and I checked the options to access the spot which is quite difficult due to road and water works (we are Dutchy's :) )

I almost got my lowered car stuck on a bridge.....

Decided to park at the entrance of the dijk, but there we found a closed bicycle lane...

After 4,5km on the folding bikes we finally could check the *new* spot

And it is nice with Westerly wind!!
The big dam is fine for SW, this new small dam is nice with W.

After 2 weeks of flu it was a heavy session :(

Had to leave on time for a family dinner, reversed bicycle ride, wind head on for 4,5km

But it is worth every painfull muscle!