1Vincent Valkenaers73,74
2Gerwin Slingerland66,93
3Patrick Oberlender62,57
4Fred van den Berg60,67
5David Van der Veken60,49
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Vandaag best lekker gevaren alleen weet ik niet wat er met de voorspellingen mis is, keer op keer is er veel minder dan voorspeld

Maar even goed ff lekker gespeeld  .

not the wind we all hoped for.

long day in the car waiting for the direction change...

go out at 14.30 .. really underpowered 5 - 6 runs then wind began to change.. all guys changed their fins but for nothing :-() wind went from 210 to 300 :-(

hopefully tomorrow better

low wind session to bad that the wind didnt came but nice speeds for tis wind ;p 

Not a very good day for me as I hit the oyster bank hard. The battle was not fair and the surf session very short. Above that we did not have the wind that was predicted at all!!!!

When are we going to have some wind???